An Easy and Affordable Way to Reduce Colds and Flu Around Your House

Filtered Water can reduce sink days


Drinking water helps fight back against cold and flu in your house, as long as the water your family gets is clean. Learn more about keeping your family healthy this flu season here.

Cold and flu season is the worst, especially if you have young kids bringing all kinds of stuff back from school. Their classmates don’t always (or often) clover their mouths when a cough or sneeze sneaks up.

The headaches, coughing, runny noses and, you know, other parts can really ruin a few weeks of your winter.

There is, of course, no cure for the common cold or flu, but you and your family can fight back just by drinking more water. Clean water helps flush germs and viruses out of your body, reducing cold and flu duration, severity and in many cases stopping the virus or bacteria from taking hold at all.

The more water you drink, the healthier you stay through cold and flu season.

4 ways clean water keeps you healthy

So water is essential at all times, but particularly so during cold and flu season.

How does it actually help?

  • Water oxygenates your blood and flushes out harmful toxins from your immune system.
  • Water eases the symptoms of chronic ailments while your body fights off cold, flu and other illnesses.
  • Drinking water helps you digest food better, delivering nutrients more efficiently where they do the best work fighting off viruses.
  • Drinking water helps organs like your eyes and nasal passage remain moist, repelling bacteria and virus particles looking for a way in.

Don’t forget. Clean water is the key.

Before you down a tall glass of water, stop to think about how clean the water coming from your municipal supply is.

Families in Flint, Michigan are still fighting for clean water, and for the last two decades, communities in northern Canada have boiled their water to make it clean.

​Your family doesn’t get the immune-system boost from water if it contains waterborne contaminants like:

  • Bacteria.
  • Sediment.
  • Giardia.
  • Cryptosporidium.

Filtered water, free from contaminants, is best for your immune system.

The most reliable method of water filtration for your home is a system installed right at your kitchen tap, like:

You can install the system under the sink in just a few minutes and forget about your water worries for the next year. When your filter is ready for replacing, just pull the old one out and click the new one in. it’s a 1 minute job, and your family is protected for another 12 months.

Water is a natural way to help your family stay healthy during the cold and flu season. Just make sure the water your kids drink down is clean and healthy.

Clean water isn’t always a guarantee from your local water utility. Give your family some security with a water filtration system.