Leading the charge against PFAS!

In response to the growing concerns about PFAS contamination in drinking water, Everpure from Pentair Water Solutions is excited to announce the launch of their new PFOA/PFOS water solutions. These systems are independently certified to reduce PFOA/PFOS  "forever chemicals”.

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About "Forever Chemicals"

PFAS are man-made chemicals found in various products and known for their environmental persistence. They pose a growing concern for water contamination.

The EPA offers resources for understanding and managing PFAS in water, underlining the need to tackle these contaminants. For testing, use an EPA-certified laboratory found in the EPA's database of local certified labs. Follow their guidelines for collecting and sending your water sample to check for PFAS presence.

Reducing PFAS in Drinking Water

PFAS contaminants in drinking water pose a significant risk to customers due to their widespread presence and potential effects. Pentair offers a suite of water treatment solutions designed to mitigate water quality issues by effectively reducing PFAS and microplastics.

These technologies ensure the water in your establishment meets superior quality standards, making it better for consumption by addressing PFAS contamination.

PFAS System Applications

  • Drinking Water
  • Office Coffee Service
  • Low Volume Ice
  • Low Volume Fountain

PFAS Systems

PFAS Cartridges