Everpure SCS-350 Water Filter Cartridge - EV9270-20

Everpure SCS-350 Water Filter Cartridge EV9270-20

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Application: Residential Coffee and Espresso

The SCS350 is the replacement water filter for the Everpure SCS350 system, part # EV925230.

This is a 3-in-1 system, providing softened, buffered and filtered water for quality brewing.  

Other features:

  • removes chlorine, off tastes and odors
  • reduces hardness that can cause mineral build up
  • dry, sanitary cartridge change ensures that your hands never come in contact with the filter media

We recommend changing this filter on an annual basis or when the flow rate becomes inconveniently slow. Our water quality is changing all the time.  Even if you have your water tested, that is just a snapshot on that particular day, so don't be surprised if the frequency of cartridge change fluctuates from one year to the next; this is normal. 


  • Capacity: 150 gallons
  • Maximum Flow Rate: 1/2 gallon per minute
  • Filtration Design: Carbon block

Spec sheets:


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