H20 Express Water Test Kit for Foodservice Applications - Part No. 180-80193

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The H2O Express Test Kit is designed to help you choose the best Pentair® Everpure® solution for your customers equipment based on the condition of their water, which is site specific to their location.

The first step in finding the right water treatment for your customers is conducting a comprehensive on-site water analysis. A water analysis is a "snapshot" of water characteristics that determine the specific level of particulates, chemicals, and contaminants in the water.

Annual municipal water reports measure general safety and potability, but they commonly combine samples from multiple sources and may not take seasonal changes into account. This alone may not provide an accurate picture of the water at a specific location.

The H2O Express Test Kit from Pentair is specifically designed to help resellers recommend the best solution for each specific application including:

◆   Coffee equipment
◆   Espresso machines
◆   Ice makers
◆   Ovens
◆   And more

It's a fast, easy-to-use resource that helps protect an operator's equipment investment and optimize beverage quality. Testing is easy! Simply complete the instruction form included in the kit. Collect a water sample according to the instructions and mail it to the address on the form. The sample will be tested and a system recommendation will be sent to the email address(es) provided on the form.

◆ Test Kit Information Form
◆ Three (3) 150 mL Water Sample Vials
– Please be sure to fill each of the vials full of water, otherwise certain physical characteristics may not be evaluated.
– To be filled and mailed to Pentair for laboratory testing.
◆ Pre-Addressed Padded Return Mailer


◆ pH
◆ Chlorine
◆ Chloramine
◆ Silica
◆ Chlorides
◆ Hardness
◆ Alkalinity
◆ Sulfate

(Test results normally complete in five (5) business days after receipt by Pentair's test lab.)