Everpure H1200 Replacement Cartridge Set (1 pk) - EV928201

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Everpure H1200 Replacement Cartridge Set (1 pk) - EV928201


The Everpure H1200 filter keeps your family protected from all of the common and dangerous contaminants found in local water supplies, with added protection for the harmful contaminant MTBE. Although a body of evidence large enough to determine adverse health effects associated with the ingestion of MTBE doesn’t exist, studies have shown conclusively that inhalation of MTBE in vapour form can lead to the development of cancers and other non-cancerous health effects.

About MTBE

  • MTBE may be present in your drinking water if you can taste or smell turpentine in the water
  • If your drinking water comes from a public water system, contact them directly and ask if they monitor for MTBE (most do)
  • If you have a private well, your local health department may be able to recommend a testing laboratory or service


Features of The H1200

The Everpure H1200 is our highest capacity filter, and features:

  • - A bacteriostat agent to combat the growth and reproduction of bacteria
  • - A 1000-gallon capacity
  • - 17 inch cartridge length
  • - 1/2 gallon per minute flow rate


Everpure Filters – Not Your Average Water Filter

This filter removes Volatile Organic Chemicals, reduces lead to below the Federal Action Level of 15 parts per billion, filters bacteria like giardia lamblia, entamoeba histolytica and cryptosporidium paravum. It also filters out MTBE, a potentially harmful chemical.

Six Times More Filtration

Everpure filter membranes have nearly six times more filtering surface area than traditional carbon filters and still offer the benefits of established carbon filtration practices through an extremely fine coating of activated carbon called Mirco-Pure. Find out for yourself the difference clean, healthy water can make.


25 Years of Water Filtration Expertise

When you order online from us, you receive the benefits of our 25 years in the industry. We strive to continually improve the customer service experience for you. Thanks to this, we’ve achieved the designation of an authorized Everpure internet reseller.  Our promise to you:

  • - We will not be undersold by any authorized Everpure reseller online or in person
  • - If you find an advertised price less than our list price, we will match it or better

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