Everpure H300 Water Filtration System - EV9270-76 or 9270-70

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Brand: Everpure
Product Code: H-300 Everpure Water Filtration System
SKU Code: EV9270-76 or 9270-70
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Everpure H300 Water Filtration System - EV9270-76 or 9270-70

Everpure H300 Water Filtration System – The Best Seller for Clean Water at Home

Parasites and bacteria are a concern for homeowners across the globe. In North America, where we feel confident that the infrastructure in our home towns is sufficiently protected and maintained, residential water systems have recorded the presence of parasites like Giardia lamblia, which leads to Beaver Fever, cryptosporidium parvum and other cysts. The Everpure H300 system is our best seller because it offers well rounded filtration coverage at a reasonable initial price point with low maintenance costs.

Clean Water at a Price to Fit Your Budget

If you opt to replace the cartridge every six months (although the cartridge may not need replacing for as long as a year), annual upkeep of your H300 system will cost about $200 – and placing a bulk order for your system and a supply of replacement cartridges will guarantee free shipping. All orders over $200 qualify for this bonus. Your family will receive protection from:


In addition, the H300 system removes:

  • - Chlorine taste and odour
  • - Dirt particles and cloudiness
  • - Algae and Mold 
  • - Oxidized iron
  • - Oxidized manganese
  • - Oxidized sulfides
  • - Particles 1/2 micron and larger in size
  • - Limescale build-up in appliances using water

Features of the Everpure H300 System

The Everpure H300 system includes:

  • - A bacteriostat agent to combat growth and reproduction of bacteria within the cartridge
  • - Reduction of lime and scale build-up in appliances using water
  • - More efficient filtering than any previous model
  • - An operating cost below the price of bottled water, with significantly less waste
  • - System includes: head, 1 cartridge, in/out fittings, tubing and cold water connector/shut-off – everything you need


Industry Leading Products & Quality Service

We’ve been a water filtration industry leader for 25 years, offering exceptional products at the lowest possible price point. We are official resellers of Everpure water filters and the H300 system is one of many models we offer trusted by big companies like Tim Hortons and Starbucks. We will not be undersold by any other certified reseller of Everpure products.

Place your order today to receive free shipping with a purchase over $200.

Faucet sold separately.  See our beautiful faucets catalogue here

* System Dimensions (approx):
        Width - 3 3/4"
        Depth - 4 1/4"
        Height - 20"

• QL3 Head
• Capacity: 300 gallons (1,135 L)
• Flow Rate: 1/2 GPM
• Certifications: NSF 42, NSF 53
• Pack Size: 1

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