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A good at-the-source filtration system makes your water for drinking and cooking more delicious and safer to consume. If your neighbourhood complains of high lead count, or your tap water has a strong scent or taste, it’s time to consider installing a water filter. Remove contaminants that not only interfere with your eating and drinking enjoyment, but are a potential health hazard. Our compact systems can live right under your kitchen or washroom sink, guaranteeing clean, safe water straight from the tap. We also provide attractive stainless steel faucets that look great and work well with our other Everpure products.

Our systems are made of durable aluminum, rather than plastic, which has its own health concerns. With the great filtering power Everpure provides, tiny particulates and chlorine are removed from your city water. Rust and asbestos from the pipes are no longer a concern when you use Efilter products and water filters. Canada clients agree: our quality is unmatched.

Clean water is essential for health and for great-tasting food and beverages. If your restaurant or food production facility needs an upgrade with your water source, contact us today.  We can help you with sizing and specifications.

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