The Effects of Dehydration On Your Body & Brain

The Effects of Dehydration On Your Body & Brain

How important is hydration to your overall health? Learn the signs of dehydration and how it can affect your body on our blog.

How does an Everpure Water Filter Work?

How does an Everpure Water Filter Work?

Everpure water filtration systems take away all sorts of substances – and even some unhealthy ones – that may be in your tap water: • Particulates ...
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Saluting The Teen Who Built A Low-cost Water Purifier Out Of Corn Cobs

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Change your fridge water filter regularly

When Should I Replace My Refrigerator Water Filter?

The standard advice from water filter experts is to change your refrigerator water filter every six months. It’s generally a good idea to follow th...
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How to Select a Water Filter for Your Refrigerator

Finding a replacement filter for your refrigerator can be challenging, especially when name brand filters can be pricey. Considering that manufact...
Why Should I Get a Water Filter for my Business?

Why Should I Get a Water Filter for my Business?

Water filters can be an excellent investment for your business. At home, a water filtration system can improve the taste of your drinking water but...
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How Unfiltered Water Can Affect Our Health

Are you worried about the tap water you or an older family member drinks? Unfiltered water can contain chemicals that cause sickness and disease, e...
Improve Your Coffee with Water Filtration

Why Water Filtration Matters for your Coffee

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Why Should I Consider Filtration for My Foodservice Operation?

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Pregnancy and Contaminated Water: Protect Your Health with a Filter

Pregnancy and Contaminated Water: Protect Your Health with a Filter

Lack of fresh water is a major problem in some countries; others are faced with contaminated freshwater. Water pollution has become a major global challenge, and without major unilateral efforts among various governments, these concerns will spread. Farming, industrial activity, energy generation, and other efforts continue to produce harmful pollutants in the oceans as well as our drinking water sources.
Everpure Quantum 4000 water filters

About Everpure Quantum 4000 Water Filters

Like most people, you probably get your drinking water from the tap. However, depending which tap you’re using, that water may contain harmful bacteria and chemicals (e.g. arsenic, lead, aluminum, and chlorine).

You can take steps to make your water cleaner for your household, office, or business. Install one of our Quantum 4000 water filter as part of a filtration system to remove toxins and germs and make your water safer to drink.

Advantages of Everpure Quantum Water Filters

Advantages of Installing the Quantum 1000 Water Filter

Water is a necessity for the survival of all living creatures.  However, water from any source (including springs, rivers, wells, and dams) can contain various microbes and chemical substances (whether naturally or as a result of human pollution and other activities). Many particles and organisms can be harmful to humans. This makes water filtration especially important in areas where the water quality is low, and/or lead count is high. Water filter like Quantum 1000 remove these contaminants and make drinking water safe.