About Everpure Quantum 4000 Water Filters

Like most people, you probably get your drinking water from the tap. However, depending which tap you’re using, that water may contain harmful bacteria and chemicals (e.g. arsenic, lead, aluminum, and chlorine).

You can take steps to make your water cleaner for your household, office, or business. Install our Quantum 4000 water filter as part of a filtration system to remove toxins and germs and make your water safer to drink.

The Quantum 4000 boasts ½ micron filtration to remove 99.9% of all harmful particles from drinking water. This level of filtration removes most contaminants, including bacteria and cysts that can pass through other filter and systems. Installing a water filter is a fairly easy process. If you wash your hair, hands, and face in the bathroom sink, you may also want to consider installing one of our compact systems in the cabinet underneath so you can have healthier skin and luxurious locks.

  • Health benefits

Tap water isn’t necessarily clean, and can sometimes carry hazardous contaminants. For example, chlorine and ammonia can be present in water supplied by municipal aquifers. They are carcinogens and, if ingested for a period of years, these chemicals can cause cancer.

Reputable companies that provide water filtration solutions use technology and innovation to improve the quality of your potable water. Use water filter systems to remove unsafe particles from your water and reduce your health risk. This is particularly important if you have babies or small children who drink from your tap. Remove contaminants from your water, improve digestion, and get the added bonus of healthier hair and skin!

A Quantum 4000 water filter removes many germs responsible for gastrointestinal problems (e.g. cryptosporidium), eliminating the risk of disease like amoebiasis. Removing these contaminants can improve the immune system of both adults and children. Young people need the best drinking water possible to help their immune systems develop properly. Filtered water will provide added protection to help them grow up strong and healthy. If anyone who drinks your water has a weakened immunity (from undergoing chemotherapy, for example), a filtration system can help with recovery.

Filtered water makes you better inside and out

  • Improved appearance

Using Everpure Water Filter has other supplementary benefits. For example, drinking water regularly improves overall health and the appearance of our skin. Chlorine in regular tap water can contribute to dry skin, eczema, and rashes. A Quantum 4000 water filter removes chlorine (and other chemicals). If you wash your face, hands, and hair in the bathroom sink, a filtration system can be a great choice.

Washing in unfiltered water exposes skin and hair to contaminants that can affect how they look. Use our filter to reduce the chemical content in your water. Proper hydration both inside and out helps prevent skin conditions like acne. Removing chlorine from your water also improves the health of your fingernails!

Filtered water helps improve the taste of your food

  • Superior taste

A water filtration system provides better-tasting (and smelling) water. Regular tap water may have a “off” taste, especially if your community uses chlorine for purification. Chlorine also makes water smell, which can turn off some people from getting proper hydration.

Distilled water isn’t a much better option; it lacks much of the content water should have, leaving it bland and tasteless. Don’t be fooled -- plastic water bottles are often filled from the tap, not an “artesian well” or “fresh spring.” Also, the bottles are a drain on the environment, even if you recycle them.

Filtered water, on the other hand, lacks any unpleasant tastes, making it easier to drink. If you enjoy cooking, a water filtration system can help you make food taste much better. Many professional restaurants and food production facilities use Everpure products to guarantee the quality of their product and the safety of their customers. Pure water helps preserve the natural taste of food; minerals and bacteria in unfiltered water alter the final taste. Boiling water doesn’t always remove all harmful compounds, especially if there are any heavy metals in the water. Use water filter to make your water as safe as can be.

Use a water filter to save money

  • Less expense

As an alternative to tap water, some families and offices elect to buy giant jugs of water. However, the cost of bottled water (whether in tiny store-bought plastic or the much bigger “fountains” that require delivery) adds up over time. Tap water is a much more economical option, and our filtration systems can clean water before it leaves the tap, eliminating any fears about its cleanliness.

Filtering your own water can save hundreds of dollars a year. Also, reducing the amount of bottled water you buy eliminates the cost of disposal, pickup, and/or recycling. And as safe water improves health, medical costs and time off work may be significantly reduced. Filtered water that goes to appliances (e.g. washing machines and water heaters) improves their efficiency and longevity.

Be more eco-friendly

  • Green living

Another side effect to buying large quantities of bottled water is the amount of waste produced. Plastic bottles take centuries to decompose. Unrecycled bottles can have made their way to lakes, rivers, and oceans, where they are damaging the ecosystem and threatening the world’s supply of seafood.

Water filtration systems using the Quantum 4000 water filter offers a more sustainable source of water and reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in landfills and wastes energy at recycling facilities. That ecological cost is compounded when you consider that bottles also have to be transported to recycling facilities. Also, plastic creates byproducts (e.g. greenhouse gases) that damage the stratosphere. Make less of a negative impact on the environment and drink better water at the same time.

Enjoy better tasting water

Clean water is a basic human need. Filtered water is a wise economic decision. Mother Nature will thank you as well as you reduce your carbon footprint. You’ll be producing less (or no) plastic waste and contribute to fewer carbon emissions every year. Whether you’re looking to have cleaner water for cooking and drinking -- or to save money -- a water filtration system is a smart investment.

At Efilters, we are committed to giving you quality water filtration solutions. We provide water filtration equipment for commercial and residential spaces to give our customers high quality potable water. Whether you need it for your home or business, you’re sure to get pure, healthy water. Our technology incorporates only the finest materials and designs, so you know you’re always getting a good deal.

Everpure heads have a warranty that lasts five years. Reach us at 1-866-283-9919 or online to place an order now, and enjoy free shipping for orders over $200.