Finding The Best Water Filter for Your Home

Having access to clean drinking water is important for every household. If your tap water has a foul taste or odor, you might already be buying bottled water to avoid having to drink from the tap. The cost of bottled water can quickly add up and it doesn’t address issues like cooking with your tap water. If you want to have clean water on demand, you need to find the best drinking water filter for your home. At efilters we specialize in home water filter systems that provide crisp filtered water from a dedicated tap or your existing faucet.

Many homeowners are already relying on pitcher filters to supply their drinking water. These chunky pitchers may seem like an acceptable solution at first, but they have many issues that make them both inconvenient and expensive in the long run. The most obvious problem with these water filter pitchers is the constant need for maintenance. They take up valuable real estate in your fridge and they need to be filled multiple times per day. The filters they use also are only rated for about 40 gallons of water, but they will continue to allow water through after that window. This means pitcher users typically end up using filters well beyond their lifespan and gaining none of their benefits or they are replacing the filters often, adding to their costs and producing waste.

The best drinking water filters are permanent fixtures attached to your existing sink. These systems are the perfect solution because they provide amazing clean water without the need to be constantly maintained. At efilters, we carry home filter systems from Everpure. We believe these systems offer the best quality water while being simple to install and maintain.

The installation of your filter will vary depending on which model you decide to use. Most Everpure filters will require a dedicated faucet mount. If you don’t want to deal with adding an additional faucet to your countertop, you should consider the PBS400 model which uses you existing faucet’s cold water line. No matter which system you choose to use, you will need to to mount the filterhead beneath your sink. You simply screw the filterhead in place while being sure to leave ample room for installing the cartridges.

The amazing cartridge design is the key to Everpure’s effectiveness. These metal cartridges feature layers of filtration to achieve the best results possible results. The carbon filter media has an incredible surface area for removing contaminants including those responsible for foul tastes and odors. The bacteriostatic component of the filters also prevents bacteria from multiplying within the filtration system. The pleated design of the filter’s membrane allows it to filter water effectively for months at a time, and the water pressure will begin to slow as the filter reaches the end of its lifespan.

When your filter cartridge needs to be replaced, the process is about as simple as changing a lightbulb. You simply flip the shutoff valves on your filterhead and then unscrew the cartridge and wiggle it loose. Once this is complete you screw in the filter replacement,reopen the valves, and run the system for a few minutes to flush out any air. Once all the air is purged from the lines you’re done for another few months.

If you’re ready to find the best drinking water filter for your home, visit efilters today. Our team is dedicated to helping homeowners find the perfect filter system to provide clean water on demand. If you are curious about which of our Everpure systems best suits your needs, contact our team at 1-866-283-9919.