New Account & Log In Features

We are very pleased to share with you some new ordering and account features that we hope will make your shopping experience faster and easier.

Account vs. Guest

We have always had two ways you could place an order.  The first way was to create an account, populate it with your name and shipping address(es) and then log in to that account each time you visit with us. The great benefit of setting up an account was the historical data you could see from all your past purchases.

The second option was simply to continue as a guest, place your order and key in your address information.  Quick and easy but with no historical data or ease of re-ordering what you bought in the past.

Well we have brought the best of both worlds into one new feature!

By simply clicking on the 'ACCOUNT" button, to the right of our search bar, you will be taken to a new page which will prompt you for your email. Please enter your address, no password required.

You will then see a screen asking you to enter in a 6-digit code which you will receive in an email, in a matter of seconds. Each time you log in you will receive a different code, which is valid for a period of 15 minutes.

In the next screen shot, you will see a link underneath one of the previous orders, that says 'Buy again'. Simply click on this link and your new order will be populated for you.

So let's recap how this works and what you can now do with this new account set up:


  1. Click on the Account button in the top right hand corner.
  2. Enter your email address. 
  3. You will receive an email with your login code, enter this to access your account page.
  4. To re-order, click on the 'buy again' button underneath any of the product images you see on the main page, titled Orders. (these are your past orders only).
  5. To access your account information, click on your initials in the top right corner.
  6. To edit your name or shipping details, click on Profile, then click the pencil icon beside the section you want to edit. 
  7. To look for new product, click on the Go To Store link in the top corner.
  8.  Underneath the Go to Store link, there are three sorting icons.  A three line funnel, for sorting by date.  To the left are 2 'view' icons to change how the products appear on your screen.

Please take it for a test drive!

We often receive emails from clients asking us what they bought in the past and about reordering it.  Well, we listened to your questions and hope you will find these new features beneficial and easy to use.

The great news is that everyone with an email address now has an account!

Thank you so much!