Why Should I Get a Water Filter for my Business or Practice?

Water filters can be an excellent investment for your business. At home, a water filtration system can improve the taste of your drinking water but what are the benefits in a more professional setting? Check out these ways a water filter can be useful for your business, and what value they can add to your workplace.


Clean water is a vital healthcare resource. Water is used for diverse situations when providing care for patients, from working in dialysis machines to sterilizing instruments. A water filter can be an excellent tool for a healthcare office. Some of the benefits you can expect to get by investing in a water filter include:

Removes waterborne impurities - A great many diseases and harmful chemicals can be carried in water. While public water treatment removes many of these impurities, it removes them at the source, not at the point of use. Old pipes can leach contaminants into the water that were not present when the water was treated.

Install a point-of-use water filter to ensure your water is pure just when you need it. Reverse osmosis filtration systems are very efficient at removing even tiny particles from drinking water. This helps remove dangerous water-borne germs (e.g. E.coli) that could cause harm to patients, particularly children or those with weakened immune systems.

  • Supporting patients with weakened immune systems - Patients with weakened immune systems are especially vulnerable to future infections. It’s vital that any water you serve them be pure to avoid secondary infections.

A water filter in your hospital can go a long way toward making drinking water more safe for patients. Many hospitals have complicated water systems that can create stagnation points where water pools and sits. This can allow bacteria to breed in the water, especially if the temperature isn’t regulated.

  • Healthy, good-tasting hydration options - Good hydration is key to maintaining health for everyone. Having a steady supply of fresh, clear, and good-tasting water can make it easier for patients to stay hydrated. A point-of-use water filter can improve the taste for patients and staff, increasing the likelihood that they drink the water when needed.
Keep hands and instruments clean for every operation
  • Ensuring sterilization - Sterilization is a vital part of healthcare. From cleaning instruments to drug production, it’s essential you have pure water to work with. Water filters can remove any impurities and germs that could compromise the quality of your work. For example, installing a faucet filter gives you purified water to help sterilize hands and instruments before operations. Proper sterilization also extends to rinsing containers to ensure they’re germ-free before use.

Food Services

In most locations in Canada, water is clean when it comes out of the faucet. However, in foodservice “clean” isn’t enough. You also have to consider how the water tastes to your customers. Some of the ways a water filter can benefit a restaurant include:

Preserve the natural taste of your food

  • Improving the taste - One of the more noticeable ways a water filter can help your business is enhancing the flavour of their food and drink. Public water treatment usually uses chlorine to remove harmful germs. However, chlorine can affect the taste of food and beverages, harming the quality of service.
  • Extending equipment lifespan - Water that’s been treated to remove germs may still contain impurities that can build up over time on your equipment. For instance, the calcium and magnesium in hard water can accumulate over time, leaving limescale buildup where water has evaporated. Limescale is both difficult to clean and can lead to breakdowns in equipment.

To avoid retiring your appliances early, get a water filtration system. Use a filter (especially a point-of-use filter) to remove sediments before they enter a machine. Avoiding buildup can put less strain on your equipment and avoid breakdowns.

  • Reducing operating costs - Filtering your water removes impurities that can affect your business’ operating efficiency and improve your bottom line. Aside from avoiding equipment breakdowns and repair costs, you can prevent downtime when waiting for repairs to finish. Longer life spans for your appliances also make them more cost-effective. Going longer between upgrading lets you get the most out of your equipment before needing to replace them.


Filtered water can be a big boost for office workers. Running a business involves taking care of your employees, and keeping your workforce physically and mentally healthy is key to maximizing their performance. Ensuring a steady supply of pure water is an effective way of keeping your workers in tip-top condition. Some of the benefits of investing in water filtration include:

  • Boosting productivity - There is a link between proper hydration and clear thinking. Your brain needs water to operate correctly. Having high-quality filtered water can encourage your workers to stay hydrated. Filtering your water improves the taste, allowing your workers to enjoy the flavour of the office water.

Investing in other equipment like a water cooler can also keep the water chilled and cool whenever employees stop to take a drink. Fight dehydration by installing a water filter and other appliances to give employees more water on-hand.

Filtered water can reduce sick days

  • Fewer sick days - By providing access to cleaner drinking water, your employees are likelier to remain hydrated. This will keep their immune systems performing at a higher level, leading to reduced sick days. Heavy metals like lead and copper are known to cause gastrointestinal distress in some individuals. For these people especially, a source of clean water is invaluable.

Another consequence of missing time is the added workload for the other workers in your office, and for the employees coming back from sick days. The amount of catch-up work can stress out returning employees, lowering their immune systems even further than the first illness. Save your employees from the sickness and stress by investing in a water filter to keep them healthy and productive.

Water coolers can build employee morale

  • Building workplace culture - Encouraging your employees to hydrate more frequently can also get more of them spending time around the water cooler. Think of this as a chance to improve morale around the office. Use the socializing to get employees to interact with each other and build up camaraderie, especially among different departments. A little positivity can go a long way. It can help your business to have more of your employees talking and improving inclusiveness among coworkers.

A point-of-use water filter gives you more than just healthier, better-tasting water. Installing your own system can provide you with plenty of indirect benefits for your business. Whether it’s building camaraderie in the workplace or reducing operating costs, a water filter can give your business ample reason to invest in one yourself.

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