Why Water Filtration Matters for your Coffee

Is the quality of your tap water disrupting your morning java’s flavour? Perhaps you wonder why coffee from a café always tastes better than yours at home. The difference is in the water. Cafes use commercial water filtration systems to create delicious and pure water for brewing. Now, you can do that at home, too.

Filtering your tap water makes all the difference in your coffee. Instead of tasting bitter and off-putting, filtered water makes your coffee taste bright. It has a smoother, more cheerful flavour because the water used to brew it is cleaner. The chemicals put in tap water can change the flavour of your coffee or tea, and not for the better. Your daily cup of joe should taste extraordinary. It can, if you use an at-home water filtration system.

What’s Wrong with Tap Water?

The tap water coming out of your faucet has likely been laced with chemicals. While municipal water is generally safe to drink in many cities, certain chemicals affect the taste of your coffee and tea. One of the most commonly used chemicals by municipalities is chlorine. (Yes, the same stuff that keeps public swimming pools clean.) It’s added to your water source for purification; it kills bacteria and disease-causing pathogens. However, it also carries a distinct taste.

Tap water has chemicals that change the flavour of your coffee

Another common chemical found in tap water is fluoride. Fluoride is naturally found in soil, rocks, the sea, and in some foods. It has extensive benefits for teeth, so many governments started including it in water sources. The intent was to prevent tooth decay among citizens, but some people are concerned about potential effects of too much fluoride. Since it can be a endocrine-disruptor, certain doses could possibly cause cancer or developmental disorders.

Herbicides and nitrates are sometimes found in tap water. Farms that use herbicides and pesticides can contaminate groundwater with their runoff. These chemicals drain deep into public soil and into our water sources. Lead is also found in tap water from corroded household plumbing. The presence of these and other chemicals in your drinking water are cause for concern. They also affect the taste of what you drink.

How Filtered Water Affects the Flavour

What constitutes the perfect cup of coffee? For many, it starts with the gorgeous aroma of brewing coffee grounds floating through the air. When the coffee maker beeps, some of us believe our day is about to get a whole lot better. The flavour of each coffee brand is different, but we can all agree that a coffee beverage shouldn’t be acidic or bitter. There are richer and deeper notes in some roasts. Others have cheerful and bright flavours. Many opt for the standard medium roast that provides a reliable and enjoyable pick-me-up.

Your best cup of coffee consists of 98 percent water. Without a filtration system, you risk sacrificing flavour. Many of the chemicals in tap water carry their own unique tastes. Unfortunately, they have the power to ruin a gorgeous cup of morning java. You can immediately improve any water-based drink by installing a filtration system. Suddenly, you don’t need to stop at a cafe for coffee because your at-home brew is just as good.

How to Get a Water Filtration System at Home

Did you know there are water filtration systems designed to improve your coffee and other beverages? The Everpure PBS400 is one of them. In addition to ensuring your water is clean and pure, it removes any odour or taste that alters flavour. Simply install this filtration system under your kitchen sink and connect it to the cold water line. With a peak flow rate of 2.2 gallons per minute, your water pressure isn’t affected. One easy installation and your water is good for brewing. Every year or so you have to replace the filter cartridge, but that’s an easy price to pay for delicious beverages.

This system and others like it are available to buy online. After shipping speedily to your location, the installation of your system is easier than you might think. With some simple instructions and a quick run through the filter, you’re good to go.

Other Tips for Making a Great Cup of Coffee

It’s not just water quality that affects your coffee (although that is a huge part). Everything from the water temperature to the type of beans affects the taste. Here are two other ways to improve your morning drink.

Control water temperature with a French press

1. Use the Right Water Temperature

You may think that caring about water temperature is for coffee snobs, but it’s not. There is a significant improvement in flavour when you use the correct temperature for your brew. The key temperature range is 90-96 degrees Celsius. Within this range, the compounds in your coffee grounds most easily dissolve into the water. If the water is hotter, it’ll over-dissolve them. Not hot enough and you won’t dissolve them enough.

You can control the water temperature by using a thermometer. Dip it into the slurry, or the surface of your coffee filter where the grinds and water are combining. Ensure it’s within this range. If you care about temperature, which you should, it’s easier to control with a french press. Take the water’s temperature before adding it to the grinds to ensure it’s in the range.

2. Choose Higher Quality Beans

High quality beans make the best coffee

You can get high quality beans from most every country and of every origin. Don’t limit yourself to only drinking Columbian or Rwandan brews. That being said, when roasters boast the origins of their beans on the packaging, that’s a good sign. You want to choose beans that come from a roaster who is proud of them. The package should tell you everything you want to know about the beans.

Then, look for the “roast by date” on the package to ensure you don’t use stale beans. Opt for Arabica beans over Robusta. Robusta are a type of bean that’s usually cheaper and less flavourful. Arabica beans, while more expensive, offer a better quality of flavour and come in a wider range of scents and varieties. Lastly, ensure the packaging uses a one-way valve. This allows the beans to de-gas without letting oxygen in.

Water filtration is the best way to get better tasting coffee

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