Which replacement cartridge can I use?

Once you have an Everpure system, the world is your oyster as far as which cartridge you can use.

Every new system is comprised of two main components:

  • a "QC" quick change head (can be a single, twin, triple or quad)
  • a water filter cartridge, or multiple cartridges, depending on the style of quick change head mentioned above

What are my options for replacement cartridges?

Regardless of the cartridge you start with, you can upgrade to a similar size cartridge that provides a different or enhanced level of filtration.  You also have the flexibility to upgrade to a longer cartridge.

Everpure cartridges come in 5 different sizes:

  • 2-size - 10.25" long
  • 4-size - 14.5" long
  • 6-size - 17.0" long
  • 7-size - 21" long
  • X-size - 25" long

Examples of 2-size cartridges: #EV925268 H54, #EV961802 OCS, EV961705 2CB5

Examples of 4-size cartridges: EV961211 H104, #EV9601346 S104, #EV961250 BH

Examples of 6-size cartridges: #EV927072 H300, #EV961901 OW200L, #EV928201 H1200

Examples of 7-size cartridges: #EV961301 MH, #EV961205 MC, #EV961222 i2000

Examples of X-size cartridges: #EV961232 i4000, #EV961310 XC, #EV976100 XCLM+

Click here for an easy reference chart

Click here for cartridge change instructions for a single system

Click here for cartridge change instructions for a twin, triple and quad system