Everpure 7CCBW Cartridge EV962705

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Applications: Low hardness/Low TDS water

This is a very unique water filter.  Well, it's not actually a water filter because it doesn't filter anything out, it adds stuff in!

The 7CCBW adds a small amount of calcium carbonate back into water.  This small amount of minerals is desirable for certain types of beverage dispensing and cooking equipment that are designed to recognize conductivity in water.  If you have low TDS water, then the probes cannot recognize the water, or water levels.  

For example, in a coffee brewer there is a probe that recognizes when the water level inside the tank reaches a certain level.  Without enough conductivity in the water, the probe can't register when water touches it, the brewer will continue to take on water and eventually overflow.  

The 7CCBW is not meant to be used as a stand-alone and should be combined with an Everpure fine filter. We recommend using our Twin Series head for this combination.

This filter is also used in the following Everpure Reverse Osmosis Systems:

  • MRS-100CC/100CC-BL
  • MRS-225CC/225CC-BL
  • MRS350CC/350CC-BL

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