Everpure Bowl Wrench #150295-06

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Over time, the bowl of a prefilter or SRX feeder can become stuck.  This is often due to water pressure or being over thightened the last time the filter was changed.  This simple tool will help you loosen off the bowl.

Use this wrench to loosen E10, E20 and SRX feeder Bowls.  Before removing the bowl be sure to turn your water off!  If you can bleed any water off, thru a hose or open faucet, this will help reduce the water pressure still pressing against the bowl.

After you have replaced the filter, thread the bowl back on but only 'hand-tight'. Once the water is turned back on again, the water pressure will make the closure very tight.

We do not recommend using a wrench to tighten these bowls, only to loosen them.