Everpure Insurice Quad 7SI Water Filter System EV932476

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Application: Ice

This water filter is ideal for use with high capacity, high volume and high flow ice machines. For cube ice makers producing 2400+ pounds of ice per day and flaker ice makers producing 5000+ pounds of ice per day.

The SI series of water filters are different than the i2000 and i4000 systems in one fundamental way; they do not remove chlorine.  They remove fine particles of dirt and inhibit scale buildup, but they leave the chlorine in because certain types of installations are better suited for this; such as bakeries or any foodservice establish that is baking onsite. The airborne yeast can cause slime build up in ice makers if the disinfectant chlorine is removed.

  • Chlorine passes into the ice machine which facilitates compliance with ASHRAE Standard 188 in hospital and healthcare facilities
  • Scale inhibition protects your ice machine from scale damage that can increase energy and service costs, and cause equipment downtime
  • Universal "QC (quick change) manifold means you can upgrade to a wide range of cartridges to suit your ongoing water quality and volume needs (e.g. XC, 4FC, FC5) 
    • Capacity: 100,000 gallons
    • Maximum Flow Rate: 14 gallons per minute
    • Micron Rating: 0.5 micron (1/50,000th of an inch)
    • Certified: NSF/ANSI Standard 42 & 53
    • Comes with a five-year manufacturer’s warranty 
    • Replacement water filter for this system is the 7SI x 4
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