Advantages of Installing the Quantum 1000 Water Filter


Water is a necessity for the survival of all living creatures.  However, water from any source (including springs, rivers, wells, and dams) can contain various microbes and chemical substances (whether naturally or as a result of human pollution and other activities). Many particles and organisms can be harmful to humans. This makes water filtration especially important in areas where the water quality is low, and/or lead count is high. Water filters like Quantum 1000 remove these contaminants and make drinking water safe.

A great filtration system in your home or business ensures that you get pure, unadulterated, great tasting water in every glass.

Here are several additional advantages:


  • - Healthy living

  • Water nourishes, cleanses, and maintains the body. It is essential to health and longevity. With the help of water filter, you can:

    • Improve your digestive system - Bacteria and other microbes present in water can irritate the stomach and intestines, causing aches, vomiting, and diarrhea. In addition to preventing these problems, clean drinking water aids digestion, preventing constipation and allowing your body to absorb more nutrients.
    • Prevent pregnancy complications - When ingested, some contaminants in water (specifically lead) can harm both the mother and an unborn child. Hypertension, impaired fetal development, premature birth, and miscarriage are a few possible risks of drinking unhealthy water.
    • Safeguard children's health - Continuous ingestion of contaminated water can hinder cognitive function (e.g. lower IQ and short attention span) and lead to emotional disorders (e.g. antisocial behaviour and irritability) in children. Supply your children with water free from toxic substances.
    • Protect the vulnerable -Contaminated water can be injurious to older adults, individuals with compromised immune systems, and very young children or babies. These groups are more susceptible to waterborne diseases that may not affect healthy individuals.
    • Detoxify - Water cleanses the body as it moves through it, eliminating the harmful toxins it accumulates and flushing them out of the body. Drinking contaminated water undermines this function by replacing the very toxins the fluid is attempting to wash away. Clean water is essential to detoxify the body.
    • Stay hydrated - Bad breath, fatigue, headaches, joint aches, and increased risk of developing kidney stones can be linked to dehydration. Understandably, drinking water might be avoided when smells bad and/or has an unpleasant taste. Filtering water removes the chemicals that cause these distasteful qualities, so you have access to great tasting water every time you’re thirsty.
    • Avoid the dangers of bottled water - Contrary to what some advertisements say, most (if not all) bottled water is sourced from a tap. Additionally, BPA-free plastic is not completely free of hazards. BPA alternatives can also act as hormone disruptors and affect metabolism, children’s development, and your sleep and emotional health. Filter your drinking and cooking water to avoid these risks.

    Quantum 1000 water filter works to remove contaminants as small as .5 microns in size (or larger, like lead dust), most bacteria, and parasitic cysts. Its quick change cartridge allows you to replace it without making contact with the filter media so it remains clean.

  • Increased-waste-is-damaging-our-water-sources
  • - Zero-waste lifestyle
  • The modern world has come to embrace a “disposable lifestyle,” relying on one-time use items that are immediately discarded and forgotten. The bottled water industry rides this trend, giving a largely on-the-go society easy access to water. Unfortunately, this convenience comes at a steep price and is taking an increasingly significant toll on the environment and all our natural resources.

    Having a water filtration system can help reverse this trend with these benefits:

    • Decreased plastic waste - Global sales for plastic bottles have reached a million per minute, which means an astronomical number of plastic bottles are discarded and wasted every day. This has resulted in a shortage of landfill space and a global ocean crisis threatening tourism, marine wildlife, and human health. Filtering your own water reduces the demand for plastic bottles and, in turn, plastic waste.
    • Protection of natural resources - Approximately 91% of plastic does not get recycled. A significant portion of that number ends up in landfills and the ocean. In landfills, plastic accumulates and sits for 300 years before decomposing. Byproducts can seep into the ground, contaminating the soil and any local water resources that lie beneath the surface. In the oceans, plastic bottles injure and kill marine life. Tiny particles degraded from larger pieces of plastic are ingested and all seafood is in danger of becoming extinct in a very short span of time.
    • Reduced carbon footprint - The burning of fossil fuel for electricity and heat is the primary source of CO2 emissions, followed by transportation and materials used for industrial and manufacturing processes. Plastic bottle production uses significant amounts of energy, emitting greenhouse gases during the process. Transporting the end product and, surprisingly, recycling itself, also contribute to fossil fuel consumption.

    Help preserve the environment by reducing your personal need for plastic resources. By doing so, humans can reduce the negative impact on natural resources.


  • Reduced costs

  • In addition to the dangers that bottled water presents, its expense can be quite significant. A 1.5 litre bottle of Nestlé in Walmart costs $1.97 (up to $2.50 for brands like Fiji and Evian). Your monthly grocery bill might skyrocket if you’re not paying attention. At only a tenth of a cent (.01¢) per litre, tap water is considerably less expensive. Clean water filtration systems provide a safe and cost-efficient alternative to bottled water.

    Quantum 1000 uses a low-flow fixture that will also allow you to reduce your water consumption, making it a worthwhile investment in the long run.


    Credit: Jacob Kapusnak 

  • Better tasting food and beverages

  • Chlorine and chloramine are often used to remove hazardous pathogens from municipal water sources. Unfortunately, these substances leave a strong chemical odour and taste, making drinking water unpalatable.

    Water filtration systems eliminate odour-causing chemicals, preserving the natural taste of water and enhancing the flavour of food. Everpure water filter is trusted by various restaurants and food production establishments (like Coca-Cola) around the world.


    Quantum 1000 Water Filter Fact Sheet

      • Precoat submicron technology (for reduction of dirt)
      • Food grade polymer lining
      • KDF media (for preventing microbial growth and scale buildup)
      • NSF/ANSI 42 certified (for reduction of particulate class 1 and chlorine taste and odour)
      • NSF/ANSI 53 certified (for reduction of turbidity, lead, and cysts)
      • Quick-change cartridge (for sanitary changes)
      • Kit includes Quantum 1000 head and filter, wall mount bracket, designer lever-style faucet, tubing, and fittings
        • 750-gallon (2,840-litre) capacity
        • .5 micron filter
        • .5 GPM flow rate
        • 10 to 125 PSI (non-shock)
        • 35 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit
          • Lead (by at least 95%)
          • Cysts (like Giardia, Cryptosporidium, and Entamoeba by 99.9%)
          • Mould and algae (by at least 95%)
          • Dirt, rust, and cloudiness (by 99%)
          • Asbestos fibres (by 99%)
          • Oxidized iron, manganese, and sulfides (by 99%)
          • Limescale and sediments
          • Other contaminants .5 micron in size or larger
            • Office coffee water
            • Point-of-use water coolers
            • Under the counter water chillers
            • Water-dispensing appliances

            Clean drinking water completely free of contaminants in your home and business can give you peace of mind. Know your water is free from impurities by using a top-of-the-line water filtration system to sanitize your tap water.

            Efilters supplies Everpure Quantum 1000 water filter and other filtration systems for residential, office, and commercial use. We ship worldwide and offer free shipping for orders exceeding $200. For inquiries or purchases, place your order online or call us 1-866-283-9919.  With our technology, you can offer your home, employees, or guests high-quality drinking water for a fraction of the price of bottled water.