EZ-RO Systems for Coffee, Espresso and Tea


Coffee and tea are 98% water. Fountain beverages are 83% water. But water itself isn’t just H2O; dissolved in it are tiny amounts of minerals, organic matter and other particulates with a huge impact on the quality, safety and taste of the food and drink you offer your customers. The right reverse osmosis (RO) filtration system can help you make sure it’s a positive impact.

Your equipment:
You could see improvement in equipment performance with RO water. What you won’t see is lots of scale. Damage and scale from the dissolved minerals in unfiltered water reduce equipment performance and increase your maintenance, utility and labor costs. RO protects your bottom line by removing the majority of these hard minerals before they can damage combi ovens, espresso machines
and other expensive investments.

Your food & beverages:
The quality of your tap water may be inconsistent, but what you offer your customers shouldn’t be. Consistent water quality is especially important for operations with multiple locations, and for brewing, bread baking and distilling. RO lets you dial in the perfect blend of minerals for specialized applications like these where water composition directly affects the taste of the end product.

EZ-RO Systems

The Everpure EZ-RO Reverse Osmosis System is a solution that brings the benefits of reverse osmosis (RO) water to coffee applications. RO forces water through a semipermeable membrane, separating pure water from any substances dissolved within it, virtually eliminating all impurities and toxins.

The highly-efficient Everpure EZ-RO combines a carbon filter, scale inhibition, calcite feeder and blending valve to create the right balance of minerals to prevent both corrosion and scale formation.

And, whereas conventional RO systems are known to waste more than 80% of the water, the Everpure EZ-RO membrane effectively provides 50% water recovery. Reliable, simple to install, easy to operate and water efficient, the reverse osmosis Everpure EZ-RO is the ultimate in water treatment for the coffee business.

Keeping your customers happy is the key to keeping your business profitable. Customers notice drinking water that tastes off, just like they notice flat fountain beverages, cloudy iced tea and bitter coffee. RO gives your customers drinking water with bottled water taste—along with fizzy soda, sparkling iced tea and the perfect espresso—every time.