Which Everpure water filter is right for your home?

Water quality is no longer something to be taken for granted. The risk of chemical and biological contamination is ever-present and, in order to achieve a little extra peace of mind, homeowners are installing dedicated home water filtration systems. These compact systems fit beneath your sink and offer clean filtered water for months, if not years, between maintenance cycles. If you are considering installing one of these systems in your home, our team is here to help you find the best drinking water filter to suit your home and your needs.

Here at efilters, we have been working with home water filter systems for years. After testing multiple brands, we have curated an inventory of the best drinking water filters for homeowners. When it comes to home filtration systems, you cannot beat Everpure products for their ease of use and incredible filtering power.

The key to Everpure’s filters is their amazing cartridges. These sleek metal cartridges house Everpure’s proprietary Micro-Pure filter media. The filter membrane within these cartridges is arranged in a unique pleated design to offer a high surface area for maximum filtration. In addition to Everpure’s pleated filter design, they also offer models using carbon block filters for high levels of contaminant reduction. In the list below, all the models beginning with “H” use a pleated filter, while the systems below them use a carbon block filter. All of Everpure’s standard water filters can reduce particles as small as 0.5 microns

We offer the following nine home water filtration systems: 
H300 - This system can filter 300 gallons of water per cartridge and is one of Everpure’s most popular models. 
H104 - With a 1000 gallon capacity, this system is perfect for users who want to enjoy filtered water year-round with minimal maintenance. 
H1200 - This dual cartridge system offers an incredible lifespan by using two 1000 gallon capacity filter cartridges. 
H54 - The H54 system is Everpure’s most compact model at just 12.5” tall. With its 750 gallon capacity, this system is evidence that good things come in small packages. 
H300 NXT - This model is a copy of the H300 system, but with special filtration media to help reduce the presence of pharmaceuticals, BPA, and other emerging water contaminants. 
PBS400 - This unique system uses your existing faucet’s cold water line to deliver filtered water. With a 3000 gallon capacity and an amazing 2.2 gallon per minute flow rate, this filter is a great option for users who do not wish to install a dedicated faucet. 
EF6000 - This incredible system uses your existing cold water line so no additional faucet is required. It also offers a 6000 gallon capacity and a 2.2 gallon per minute flow rate. 
EF3000 - Similar to the EF-6000, this system uses your existing faucet with a 3000 gallon capacity and a smaller size. 
EF1500 - The most compact member of the EF line of Everpure filters, the 1500 gallon EF-1500 is a great way to save space and provide filtered water to your home without modifying your counters.

All of these systems are incredibly easy to install in your home with only a few common hand tools. One important consideration to make is that all of the models, with the exception of the PBS400 and the EF models, will require adding a dedicated filtered water faucet to your counter. While there are several gorgeous faucet options on our website and on the market at large, some homeowners may not want to add a new faucet to their kitchen.

Part of what makes Everpure’s systems the best drinking water filters is their incredibly simple maintenance. Unlike cheap water filter pitchers, the water flow will significantly decrease once your Everpure cartridge is approaching the end of your lifespan. This means that you will not have to worry if your filter is still working efficiently. Once you notice the flow is decreasing, you know it’s time to replace your cartridge.

The maintenance process only needs to be done every few months or even annually depending on the capacity of your system and takes only a few minutes. Simply flip the shutoff valves of the filter head, unscrew the old cartridge, insert the new cartridge, open up your valves, and run the system for a few minutes to flush out any air. Once this quick process is complete, you can recycle your used cartridge and enjoy your clean filtered water for months.

So if you are ready to enjoy some extra peace of mind when you reach for your faucet, it’s time to check out our line of the best drinking water filters. Adding one of these filters to your home is the perfect way to save big by not buying bottled water and know that your family is always consuming clean water. If you have any questions about the water filter systems we offer, feel free to reach out to a member of our team at info@efilters.ca or hop on LiveChat with us and chat with us right now.