Your very own body of water

The following numbers varying across different sources, but on average the human body is comprised of between 50 - 80% water, depending on your age.

The average adult male is about 60% water; the average adult female about 50% water.  The reason for the difference between men and women is that muscle contains more water than fat and males generally have higher muscle content than females.

So how much water is that?

An average adult male with a weight of 176 lbs. and a water content of 60%, would translate to 105.6 lbs. An average adult female with a weight of 155 lbs. and a water content of 50% would translate to 77.5 lbs.

Where is all of that water? 

Well depending on your source, the numbers vary.  From our research, here are the ranges that we found:

  • Lungs - 85 - 90% water
  • Blood - 82-83-85-94% water
  • Skin - 80% water (universal agreement)
  • Muscles - 75% water (universal agreement)
  • Brain - 75-80-83% water
  • Bones - 22-24% water
  • Heart - 75-79%
  • Kidneys - 83% (universal agreement)
  • Eyes - 95-98%


What's really interesting is the following image, which illustrates how our bodies change as we age and the percentage of water our bodies contain!